Saturday, October 07, 2006


Life XVII - Textual Proof of Existance

Difficulty: 4
Interest: 6

Finally a complete riddle! We get a title, an image, some text and one more file to work with. Everything is relevant, with the title containing most of the hints and information.

This riddle is quite tricky, as it requires you to do two things that you have never done before. The first is that the answer ends with .php and not .html. The second is that you'll need to find a file that ends with .txt, which, apparently, is hinted to with the 'Textual' in the title. Once you know this, the riddle is quite easy. Otherwise, it is really hard and time consuming.

Once you have the text file, figure out the value of 'x', calculate the answer, convert it to the correct format, and you're done. Pretty easy, eh?

You will need the text, title and image to find 'x'. You will know when you calculate the right answer, as it is a pretty significant number.

Note: The answer is in capital letters, and ends in .php.

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Look at the title. It is not 'Life 17' but 'Life XVII'. The answer is in roman numerals.

To get 'x', use the second word in the title (proof), and the text hinting at alcohol, and apply it to the image. From wikipedia:'Alcoholic proof is a measure of how much ethanol is in an alcoholic beverage, and is approximately twice the percentage of alcohol by volume'.

Life 18

Life 18 - Photophobia?

Difficulty: 5
Interest: 4

Once again, we're only working with an image and the title. Fortunately, there is text in this one. It's still not clear, but it's a start. It goes like this:
'O fuge Iabrochium, sanguis meus! Ille recurvis
Unguibus, estque avidis dentibus ille minax.'
It's a fragment from one of several Latin translations of The Jabberworky by Lewis Carroll. It is only loosely connected to the answer.

To solve this one, you need a good monitor and a specific calibration. Lower your contrast, or if you have an LCD screen, look at it from an angle. Otherwise, you can NOT solve this one (unless you get really, really lucky with your image manipulation.) You'll know it when you'll find it.

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Photophobia means 'the fear of light'. Maybe you should not be afraid and start looking at it.

It is not a date, as there are actually 4 numbers. It does not follow the usual 1=A,2=B... pattern either. Each number does link to a letter though.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Life 19

Life 19 - Seeing things?

Difficulty: 9
Interest: 1

The answer is hidden inside the wood grain. Knowing that, however, doesn't really help you answer the riddle. It's really hard to read even with some image manipulation and if you know where to look at, and you have to try many answers before you get it. The only spoiler for this one is the answer.

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This is probably the worst riddle so far. Frankly, it's not really a riddle as much as just trying a lot of answers based on very little.

Life 20

Life 20 - Disoriented?

Difficulty: 6
Interest: 6

You will get a set of coordinates rather easily in this one. Just look at the source and the picture.

The next hint is 'What's that sound?', refering to what you might be hearing in that area.
The title is apparently useless.
Note: This is the first answer in capital letters.

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The given location is in New York. You need to find a radio-station in that area. You might want to take a look at the Tuner.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Life X

Life X : Was it just a dream?

Difficulty: 1
Interest: 3

Don't overthink it. Just go down to the next level.

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You have 20 lives.

Beginning of the End

Beginning of the End

Difficulty: 2
Interest: 5

This page gives you a link to go back to the first, if you haven't done them yet, and one to send you to the next level. The next level, however, seems to be a 404 page. You will have to find the correct address for the next page the usual way.

Note that riddles after this one are named differently, so it's not possible to stumble upon them accidentally.

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It's not really a 404 error page. Look at the source. It's really simple.
The numbers most likely mean 'aatmahatya', which is 'suicide' in hindu. Don't mind them.