Friday, January 05, 2007

Life 10

Life 10 - A Multi-Part Puzzle

Difficulty: Variable
Interest: 5

Life 10 is comprised of a multi-part sequence of puzzles, each part indexed by the corresponding natural number. The solution to each part incorporates some unusual reference to the sequence number of that part of the puzzle.
  • Life 10 - 1 presents a suggested mapping of the counting numbers. The solution is the correct representation of 2 within that mapping paradigm.
Next Level

  • Life 10 - 00 presents a representation of 2 using a different kind of map. Find the corresponding representation of 3.
  • Life 10 - 333 presents a representation of 3 using yet another kind of map. What would be the corresponding representation of 4?
  • Life 10 - 4our has a date in history and two additional clues, one of which is in the HTML source code. The clues point to a man-made disaster. The solution is a 5-letter word in ALL CAPS, corresponding to part of the proper name of the disaster site.
  • Life 10 - LENIN has two clues in the HTML source suggesting we are looking for yet another geographic placename associated with a nuclear accident. There are several WikiPedia articles chronicling nuclear radiation accidents. The one you are looking for occured in a location where those present had no idea what kind of material they were handling. But it was strange and pretty.
  • Life 10 - Goiania just has one remark: the next number?
  • Don't think too hard about it.

  • Life 10 - 7 The clue makes it pretty obvious what the solution should be for the eighth part.

  • Life 10 - 88888888 The clue contains the German word for fourteen: vierzehn. When incrementing that, take care of how the German ΓΌ is rendered in American English letters.
  • Life 10 - fuenfzehn has the clue 'yiwu' which is Chinese. It happens to be the name of a city, but that's not the reference you are looking for. You want a 'yiwu' that can be incremented by one.