Thursday, October 12, 2006

Life 15

Life 15 - OD

Difficulty: 9
Interest: 2

We have an image, a short title, and some purposefully mistyped text in here.

Only the text and source are useful here. The image and title are only really misleading. Read the text carefully, and the hint in the source. The important part of the hint is 'functionning'. On the forums, another hint has been given:
'Fn might be a little too far'. This means that 'functionning' does not refer to the Fn key, but rather to the Function keys (typically F1 to F12).

Look at the text again. Some words are mistyped. These four words are the important part, the rest is just noise. You can google for help on what function keys do, and even if you think you know your way around them, go ahead and google. You most likely do not know them all well enough to solve this riddle.

The answer is in lowercase and is a mix of letters and numbers.

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Look for 'Function keys' on google, and you should find a list of what function keys usually do on Windows. You can associate them with the mistyped words. For example, 'hlp' means 'help', and almost everyone knows that this is the F1 key.

We're pondering if we should give more help for this riddle at this point. We'll probably come back here when the next batch of riddles are added, to keep some challenge until then.

Life 16

Life 16 - Cymbals Crashing All Around

Difficulty: 4
Interest: 2

An image and a title. Great.

Don't overthink this one. We are looking for a symbol (probably implied by the 'cymbals' pun). Everything you need is in that image.

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8 pills have symbols on them, the rest is just noise.

Look at a list of symbols, and find one that looks slightly like the arrangement of the 8 pills with symbols on them. Throw .php at the end, in lowercase.