Monday, September 11, 2006

Riddle Five

Riddle Five: Put On Your Orange Glasses!

Difficulty: 3
Interest: 6

The title says to put on orange glasses. That would effectively make the orange text virtually invisible, so it's safe to assume that the orange text is not useful.

The flavor text says he is flippin' out, so that might have something to do with it. You can solve this problem by yourself, but using an image editing program with some flippin' might make it easier.

Next Level

There is some black text in the image that is written four times, and is upside down. Flipping the image would make it readable. There are also some repeated letters in each sequence, so just ignore those. You are looking for two words and eight characters total.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need some help on this riddle.. got to the point of the titles for all the IPs, but cant seem to get the right word..

It appears the first 3 titles sound more or like "g o2 d link" (go to the link) the second parts left me stumped...

Help! I need help!!

3:00 AM  

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