Sunday, February 18, 2007

Life 8

Life 8 - think outside the box

Difficulty: 8
Interest: 7

Fix up the URL for the broken image to find a 26x26 matrix of capital letters in an old dot-matrix font.

In order to figure out what to do with the matrix, you'll need to find a special clue hidden away in the AntiRiddle Forum.


To see the broken image, remove the square brackets from the URL for the broken image. Then go visit the AntiRiddle Forum and find the hidden keys to solving the puzzle.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life 9

Life 9 - brybgr

Difficulty: 2
Interest: 6

The title of this riddle is a colorful clue that brings to mind a well known web site. There are copious clues here that direct you to the part of the site where you can discover the solution to this riddle.

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What is the answer to the question?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Life 10

Life 10 - A Multi-Part Puzzle

Difficulty: Variable
Interest: 5

Life 10 is comprised of a multi-part sequence of puzzles, each part indexed by the corresponding natural number. The solution to each part incorporates some unusual reference to the sequence number of that part of the puzzle.
  • Life 10 - 1 presents a suggested mapping of the counting numbers. The solution is the correct representation of 2 within that mapping paradigm.
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  • Life 10 - 00 presents a representation of 2 using a different kind of map. Find the corresponding representation of 3.
  • Life 10 - 333 presents a representation of 3 using yet another kind of map. What would be the corresponding representation of 4?
  • Life 10 - 4our has a date in history and two additional clues, one of which is in the HTML source code. The clues point to a man-made disaster. The solution is a 5-letter word in ALL CAPS, corresponding to part of the proper name of the disaster site.
  • Life 10 - LENIN has two clues in the HTML source suggesting we are looking for yet another geographic placename associated with a nuclear accident. There are several WikiPedia articles chronicling nuclear radiation accidents. The one you are looking for occured in a location where those present had no idea what kind of material they were handling. But it was strange and pretty.
  • Life 10 - Goiania just has one remark: the next number?
  • Don't think too hard about it.

  • Life 10 - 7 The clue makes it pretty obvious what the solution should be for the eighth part.

  • Life 10 - 88888888 The clue contains the German word for fourteen: vierzehn. When incrementing that, take care of how the German ΓΌ is rendered in American English letters.
  • Life 10 - fuenfzehn has the clue 'yiwu' which is Chinese. It happens to be the name of a city, but that's not the reference you are looking for. You want a 'yiwu' that can be incremented by one.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Life 11

Life 11 - NOTE: NATO briefing (14:13 PM): locate the odd.

Difficulty: 9
Interest: 4

The image contains a 16x13 matrix of 4-digit numbers. All of them except one begin with the digit 0. All but two of them end in an even digit. The digit 7 never appears in the third position of any entry in the table. 14:13 PM is an odd time.

After a long spell with no progress, the AntiRiddle Team offered a hint that the numbers in the matrix are wavelengths of light in nanometers. Coloring in the entries with values in the visible spectrum may lead to the long-sought solution. It appears that only the three primary colors are required.

Candela ColorOne of the three color areas in the matrix features an interesting color corresponding to a wavelength of 555 nm. This is the color that subectively appears brightest to the human eye, and is the reference point for the unit of luminosity known as the candela. It is not yet known whether this discovery is part of the solution.

After another long spell of dithering around with the color patches, several intrepid puzzle solvers began comparing them to the flags of NATO nations. Eventually this line of investigation paid off. One of the color patches corresponds to the flag of a non-NATO country. That's the odd one out.

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'1413' appears in the table of numbers at R3C6. The only other odd entry is '0143' at R13C16. But that's a red herring (no pun intended). Figure out which non-NATO country is represented by a flag with blue, white, and red stripes.

Life 12

Life 12 - Plea

Difficulty: 2
Interest: 4

The image of a spectre floats above a caption with lots of clues pointing to a person, a locale, and an historical event. The last line contains a useful anagram. Unless you are a history buff, you will have to Google up the story to find the solution to this one.

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Find the name of the historical figure who was pressed to death at the Salem Witch Trials.

Life 13

Life 13 - Das HEXenaLFAbet

Difficulty: 6
Interest: 3

The image holds the key to solving this one. The title is something of a red herring. Pay attention to the clue in the caption below the image.

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Locate the pixel at (333,222) and find its color, in the standard format for specifying colors in HTML.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A Changing of the Guard

Taking a break...

Because of a lack of time and decreasing motivation, the original Antiriddle Solver team will no longer be able to follow the Antiriddle Solver as closely as before.

Moulton has been recruited to keep the site going.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Life 14


Difficulty: 9
Interest: 6

The image has a shoe and the word 'BACK' on it. Perhaps it means 'step back' (in time).

The text is a series of numbers followed by numbers in German. If we use the classic a=1, b=2... we get the following text:
Times 13
Put 3
Local 2
Pat 4 (this one is hidden).
There are two more hints in the source page: one at the end of the first part, and another one at the very end of the html. The second hint suggests the solution is a scientific term.

The title is also a hint.

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The words are all titles from past riddles, and the numbers in German are an index into the captions. The five resultant values yield an anagram that recalls a famous philosopher back in time. The hints in the HTML source suggest the answer is the means through which the 'duty' was accomplished. The solution is one word, lower case, but it's in Latin! Think botanical.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Life 15

Life 15 - OD

Difficulty: 9
Interest: 2

We have an image, a short title, and some purposefully mistyped text in here.

Only the text and source are useful here. The image and title are only really misleading. Read the text carefully, and the hint in the source. The important part of the hint is 'functionning'. On the forums, another hint has been given:
'Fn might be a little too far'. This means that 'functionning' does not refer to the Fn key, but rather to the Function keys (typically F1 to F12).

Look at the text again. Some words are mistyped. These four words are the important part, the rest is just noise. You can google for help on what function keys do, and even if you think you know your way around them, go ahead and google. You most likely do not know them all well enough to solve this riddle.

The answer is in lowercase and is a mix of letters and numbers.

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Look for 'Function keys' on google, and you should find a list of what function keys usually do on Windows. You can associate them with the mistyped words. For example, 'hlp' means 'help', and almost everyone knows that this is the F1 key.

We're pondering if we should give more help for this riddle at this point. We'll probably come back here when the next batch of riddles are added, to keep some challenge until then.

Life 16

Life 16 - Cymbals Crashing All Around

Difficulty: 4
Interest: 2

An image and a title. Great.

Don't overthink this one. We are looking for a symbol (probably implied by the 'cymbals' pun). Everything you need is in that image.

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8 pills have symbols on them, the rest is just noise.

Look at a list of symbols, and find one that looks slightly like the arrangement of the 8 pills with symbols on them. Throw .php at the end, in lowercase.