Monday, September 11, 2006

Getting started

This site serves as an helper to solve the really cool game Antiriddle. Direct answers won't be posted, unless we do not understand the answer, or if the puzzle is otherwise rather boring.

If you've never tried a site like Antiriddle before, you should start by doing their tutorial. They will tell you a few interesting tricks to get started. Basically, you can find hints in four places: The sources, the image, the text below it, and the page title. Some are quite misleading, while some are so obvious you might not even think about it.

This place was made with a single goal in mind: to make the Antiriddle experience as good and as entertaining as it can be. With this in mind, here are a few more tricks to help you along your journey.

First, if you are not already using a good browser, get one now. We recommend Firefox (follow the link in the sidebar to the right). The tips and keyboard shortcuts we give will all be for this browser in Windows, even though they will likely work in every decent browser out there.

Second, here are a few shortcuts you will need:
Ctrl+u : View Page Source
Alt+a : Select all
Ctrl+t: Open a new tab
Ctrl+f: Search in page

For the best experience when playing this game, you should not try to do everything on your own. Otherwise, you might spend hours on a problem you already solved, but you simply forgot a dash, or you mistyped the answer when you tried it. It can get very frustrating, very fast, and this is a game you should enjoy.

Finally, here are some general guidelines to help you along the way:
- URLs are case sensitive. This means that levels/antiriddle.html is not the same as levels/AntiRiddle.html. Answers in these riddles are always in lowercase.
- When commenting on this site, never post the answer or a link to a riddle. We want to help, not ruin this puzzle.
- Always start by looking at the riddle Title, then the page source. The title almost always gives hints as to how to solve the riddle, and the page source usually contain additional comments about it.
- Try to figure the puzzle out on your own before reading the hints and spoilers on this site. It always feels more satisfying to solve a riddle on your own. When you feel like giving up, look at the first few lines of a post. If you simply read every comment before trying the riddle, you're not really playing anymore.
- Check the spoilers section only once you've given up, or when you want to see if there were other ways to get the answer. It is recommended to copy and paste this text into a NotePad to read it.

Now that we've gone through the basic, let's get started!


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