Monday, September 11, 2006

Riddle twenty-three

Riddle twenty-three: Networking News Cables

Difficulty: 7
Interest: 8

This one gives you only a series of hints. Don't look elsewhere, this is all you get. The answer is not the date, but rather the last person mentionned in the text. The title refers to the job of the other person in the text.

Oh, and remember, all lowercase, as usual.

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- You might have to try a lot of answers before getting the right one.
- The title implies that someone mentionned in the text is a lead anchor for a popular network.
- The answer is *not* the day. Capitalization in the text does matter. The founder of a company mentionned has founded more than one company. Make sure you have the right one.
- Find something that happened on the date given, involving the anchor mentionned.
- This concerns the person in question, who's role is also given at the end of the text.
- The easiest way to find him is to simply look for all occurences of his title, and try the last name of all those you can find in the transcript of interviews this anchor did on that particular day in the context mentionned.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is wolf blitz 2001 on the right track?

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm so lost.. help please?

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is the riddle talking about a storage battery company?

12:04 AM  

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